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What do we do?

In short we do plumbing and everything that comes with it. When in your apartment, we are considerate of your belongings and we respect your privacy. After solving the problem, we are happy to provide you with the insurance report.


- Complete reconstruction and assembly of water supply systems and sewer systems
- Replacement and assembly of faucets, boilers, toilets, bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, hydrometers
- Connection of washing machines, dishwashers and sinks
- Emergency and preventative repairs of all piping systems
- Drain cleaning – mechanical or by hand
- Repair and assembly of sanitary pumps
- Fire sprinkler systems and water connections


- Complete delivery and installation of heating systems – „from the source to your room“
- Maintenance and repairs of boiler rooms and distribution systems
- Replacement of radiators, thermostatic valves and heads
- Heating deaeration


- Reconstruction and assembly of gas distribution systems in steel (by oxy
-fuel welding) or copper (by pressing)
- Replacement and transfer of gas shut
-off valves, including the main shut
-off valve
- Pressure tests and examinations of gas supply systems
- Delivery, installation and activation of gas appliances – boilers, gas water heaters, gas hobs
- Construction of boiler rooms up to 500 kW, with projects

Projektantské práce

We provide 5-year warranty on installation of completely new systems. The warranty does not apply to old components, which we only repaired.
Even the best can make mistake – if that happens, we will accept your complaint and resolve it as soon as possible.


Pricelist for orientation

Small repairs

1-2 hours of work in average. Standard waiting time after your booking is 2-7 working days. You can call us from 8:00 – 18:00 every weekday. E.g.: Assembly of corner valves, repairs of toilets and U traps, assembly of faucets and appliances
Take off 500
1st hour of work 800
Every other half hour started 400

With bigger and more complex tasks, we will gladly determine the price after an inspection and a consultation or you can simply send us photographs.
Prices do not include material costs.
Prices are with 15% VAT.

About us

We fix problems. You are important to us. We are here to help you. We are a team of young experienced plumbers, who value quality and precision. We are all about fresh strength, energy, fearlessness and love for the craftsmanship. We are not afraid of any…

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